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Athens, Athens Int. E Venizelos > Manaus, Eduardo Gomes
Thu 3 Jul 14

Departure: Athens - Manaus

Thu 3 Jul 14 18:30 Athens (Athens Int. E Venizelos, Greece)
Thu 3 Jul 14 20:55 Paris (Charles De Gaulle Airport, France)
Flight number: AF 1833

Aircraft type: 32A

Operated by: Air France

Thu 3 Jul 14 23:30 Paris (Charles De Gaulle Airport, France)
Fri 4 Jul 14 06:15 Sao Paulo (Guarulhos International, Brazil)
Flight number: AF 0454

Aircraft type: Boeing 777-300

Operated by: Air France

Fri 4 Jul 14 10:05 Sao Paulo (Guarulhos International, Brazil)
Fri 4 Jul 14 13:15 Manaus (Eduardo Gomes, Brazil)
Flight number: AF 6398

Aircraft type: Boeing 737-800

Operated by: Gol Air Transport

Total travel time: 25h45

Price specification

Total price for all passengers EUR 1,596.95
Price 1,318.00
Booking fee -
Carrier-imposed international surcharge 198.00
Airport development tax 22.00
French airport tax 16.00
Airport Passenger Service Charge international 15.36
Passenger terminal facility charge 15.15
Embarkation tax 7.44
Security charge 5.00
Price (per passenger) 1,596.95*
Number of passengers 1
* Some airports may charge an additional surcharge.


Mr Martin Sixsmith (adult)

E-mail address w.sixsmith@outlook.com .
Telephone number 00447831835193
Your payment method

Credit card
MasterCard :

Last name Martin Sixsmith
Card number ************9703
Address 18 Union Hill, St Columb. Cornwall
Postal code/ Zip code TR96AR
City of residence Newquay
Country England

EUR 1,596.95
Total price

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