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Walter Maxwell - waltermaxwell1968s@hotmail.com>

From: Walter Maxwell - waltermaxwell1968s@hotmail.com>
Date: 2014-07-22 18:15 GMT+02:00
Subject: Dear Attn: Needed Information.
Dear Sir,
The fund was initially deposited by a real Estate Investor late
Mr.F.Joel Waworundeng and presently the depositor of the fund is
deceased and there is no one to come and claim the fund from our Bank.
I have all the information regarding to the deceased customer and the
fund deposited therefore I decided to contact with you so that you
will stand as the deceased business partner living oversea to claim
the fund under partnership.
This procedure is very easy to claim the deceased fund because I am
the Manager and head of accounts department at the HSBC Co-operation
Liverpool Branch and with my position in my Bank I and you will
successfully claim the fund quietly and smoothly to avoid any third
party to knowing about this deal.
I choose to contact with you personally about this deal and as soon as
we claim and transfer the funds to your Bank account the Bank will
transfer the funds to your bank account.
Upon the transfer and confirmation of the fund into your bank account,
you will collect your share of 40% and the balance of the funds 60%
will be for me as the negotiator of this transaction .with my position
at the office I will destroy all the claim documents after the fund is
transferred to your Bank account because I will not want any other
person to know about this deal between us.
We can be able to conclude this transaction and the Bank will transfer
the fund to your designated or provided bank account within the next 5
Bank working days and after the fund is transferred to your bank
Kindly send me the following details to enable me update the records
of the account file so that we can be able to claim the fund very
easily without the bank delaying this claim.
1. Your full name
2. Your Occupation
3. Your Telephone Number
4. Your Age
Immediately you send the above information I will be able to include
your name as a partner to this account so that it will enhance the
HSBC Co-operation transfer department effect and transfer the fund to
your bank account within 5 working days.
Please you can feel free to contact with my direct telephone number
for any question or clarification: Tel: +44-792-450-4146
Yours faithfully,
Mr. Walter Maxwell

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