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Sofia Kipkalya

From: Sofia Kipkalya <sofia_kipkalya11@outlook.com>
Date: 2014-07-07
My dear,
Since I sent the letter to you my heart has been over occupied with
thoughts and fear if my situation will touch your heart to come for my
rescue, although you may wonder why am so soon giving in myself to
you, it is because I need your help to stand as my trustee for
transferring the money to your account.
Since according to the Bank manager whom I met in person on my
arrival to clear the money, he said that my status as a refugee here
in Togo does not empower me by the local law to clear the money, open
a resident bank account or transfer to an account. But he advised me
to seek for a trustee who may stand on my behalf and carry out the
operation. I wanted to inform my step mother about the deposit but am
afraid to tell her because she deceived me to sign the documents of my
father's estate in France and after the signing, she sold the property
in France and diverted the money to her personal bank account in
Switzerland and lied to me that the Chinese buyer has not yet release
the payment.
I contacted the Chinese expatriate in France and he confirmed that
payment of the estate was made immediately after the agreement was
delivered to this lawyer. I was very annoyed and confronted my step
mother for betraying my trust. I even drag her to the court of law to
fight for my right and have my share of the money but the case is
still pending. She has been arranging to assassinate me so one of her
close friend revealed her plan to me and ask me to leave for another
Country since the case is still pending at the Court.
Right now, I am staying in the mission camp here in Togo and I haven't
a personal telephone number to be reached, I have good moral behavior.
I am simple, easygoing, cheerful, kind, caring, lovely, natural and
love to learn more about people. Please I will like you to tell me
more about yourself. I have good physical and emotional state of
health. No stress and no sickness. I love everyone both low, middle
and high class. I can stay and play with anyone. But love to maintain
respect and order.
As I told you in my previous mail that my step mother seized all my
traveling documents except my passport when she discovered that I am
planing to travel to Togo .Here in the refugees camp I am living a
life of tick and tack no food to eat no good water no medical
attention, So I decided to lay a mere trust on you to transfer the
money my late father left for me in a bank, I guess trying to seek
your help in transfering the money into your bank account even if we
dont know each other is giving me a hope to live a better life in the
future, Because I have in the back of my mind that you will not
betray me in cause of this transaction,
This is what you have to do after the transaction
1) You will help me to get my traveling documents to join you over
there to continue my education because I have already make up my mind
to come over to your country since you have already decided to help me
then you will manage the money for me in any good investment.
2) After the transaction you will withdraw some money and send to me
to pay for my flight ticket to you country.
About my Education, I was admitted in the University in 2007 there I
did my one year subject in accountancy before the Kenya crash in my
country, and i will like to continue as soon as i relocate to your
country, because this is a promise i promise to my father. i am still
single and have no boy friend.
I am really suffering here, it makes me cry each day and night when i
look at my condition here, but i know that with you i will soon come
out from this my present condition and have a new life with you.I have
the Account details which my father deposited the money with my name
as the beneficiary. Please, I will need your information to submit to
the bank and appoint you my next of kin to transfer the money to your
designated Bank account for investment project. Among the information
I need are as follows:
1. Your full name
2. Address
3. Telephone number
4. Age
5. Occupation
6. Country of Origin
7. Your picture
As soon as I receive your details, I will send you the account details
including the Bank contact so that you will contact them as my trustee
and ask them the procedures of transferring the money to your Bank
account. Below is my picture and will like to receive yours.
Yours forever in love,
Sofia Kipkalya

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