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kate morgan

From: kate morgan <katemorgan@live.co.uk>
Date: 2014-07-07 16:28 GMT+02:00
Hi Beloved one !
Dear I decided to contact you because of the urgency of my situation
here. I am writing this mail to you with heavy tears and sorrow in
heart, My name is Miss Kate Morgen. Am 24 years old girl from
Zimbabwe, the only daughter of Late Dr. Daluwa Morgen, who was killed
by his Business partner.
My late father Dr. Morgan Daluwa was importer and exporter of many
types of business. and also wealthy contractor and Estate consultant
before he died. my father was killed by his Business partner sent
armed robbers to kill all the members of my family because my father
was progressing more than him. please i contacted you for help i just
need to go out of this place to start a new life somewhere. maybe if
you could be of help to me i will join you over there to enable us
invest the fund over there in your country.
i know this massage will come to you as surprise but every thing is
real before i contacted you i have pray and fast when desperate search
for someone to trust with a sensitive information of this nature.I am
contacting you to seek for your hand in partnership to assist me to
move my inheritance money to your country for investments.Presently
the money is deposited with a financial firm in London Royal bank Of
Scotland. for safety and security here as my late father discloses to
My father of blessed memory deposited the sum of US$ 5.500,000.00 us
dollars in Finance Firm in London with my name as the next of kin when
he was alive. i want you to help me to transfer this money from the
bank my late father deposited it to your account in your country so
that i will join you and to start a new life over there also invest
the money over there. i contact you because i need a Foreign business
partner who will help me in this transaction. I can only get Foreign
business partner through computer that is the reason why i contacted
you. please i really needed your help. After the funeral of my late
Father, my uncles and some members of the family in Zimbabwe started
threatening to harm me with their human wickedness and diabolic
powers, which resulted to the death of my Mother also thereby making
me an orphan.
I decided to run to the refugee camp in Dakar Senegal where I am
presently seeking asylum under the United Nations High Commission for
the Refugee here in Dakar, Republic of Senegal where i hide just to
save my life from them. I humbly seek your assistance to receive this
money in your country, either into your personal/company account for
investment, I will be glad to offer you 25% of the total sum for your
assistance. after every thing is done. maybe after all if you still
want us to stay as family that will be my great joy in this life.
Please understand that there is no illegality involvement in this
transaction, you are going to deal with the holding bank directly. i
am with important documents here. deposit certificate of the money and
death certificate of my late father. all i need from you now is your
sincerity,honest and seriousness about this transaction. try to send
mail to me every day so that we will do this transaction with out
wasting any time please if you really want to help me out.
Please reply me urgently with with your information Below
Full name,.........................
Your country and city name ................
your phone number .............
your pic if you .........
your age............
your occupation ....
Please it is important to me send me these details i will get back to
you with the bank contact to enable you contact them for them to
proceed.I will give you more information as soon as I hear from you.
if you want to speak to me on phone call the Rev father phone Number
+221 773-805-349
when you call rev father tell him that you want to speak with Miss.
Kate Daluwa. the Zimbabwe girl he will send for me to come and answer
your call OK.
God bless you as you help me to save my life.
Best Regards,
Miss Kate Morgan,

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