terça-feira, 24 de dezembro de 2013

scammers real

orohtobore@yahoo.com   e

mensagem::: Since you hate me so much to delete me from your friendlist on facebook, I will send all your nude pics everywhere
I hate you for what you have done

I was sick and you valued your money more than me so now I give you 6hours to call me or reply me or your nude pictures will be all over google, facebook, everywhere. I will paste all of them on your friends facebook wall and tag everybody to see your naked picture
I did not and am no scammer

Did I scam you?
So why are you calling me a scammer?

Its left to you
I have your nude pictures and you have less than 6hours to ask me what I want

Or your nude pictures will be allover the internet and if you think am joking then ignore me

You have less than 6hours and trust me you do not want me to paste your pictures allover facebook

Call me now

You will regret valueing money over my health

5hours and counting now

Your time is counting,
You have 4 hours 30minutes left$ you can report to whoever you want to but know that am not scamming you I just hate you now because you value your money over my health.
Now you will send that same #50,000   you value over me to me or I will paste your pics.
Sexta 16:11

I will give you the grace till monday to go to pay that #50,000 naira to me on monday morning OR...........

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