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Titel: Ekaterina <>
De: Nadya <>
Assunto: my love
Data: 13 de dezembro de 2013 12:00:45 BRST
Para:  xxxxxxxxxxx>

My love  xxxxxx,its me Nadya
i am so happy to get your letter
the end of working week and my mood
is very nice :) how are you doing there ?
dear i can come by Christmas if you
send 800 dollars,its possible to come for two weeks !
I am very well.Only one bad new
that my old microwave oven is broken and
i do not know what to do.I had 6 patients,
a lot of spare time for reading.i like to
read professional literature when i have free
time at days are full of thoughts about
you and our future know,every
time when i get up in the morning i imagine that
we are laying together and every time i close
my eyes just to feel one more time that we are
finally get in person :) how i wish us to enjoy living
and doing many different things,every day when
i cook something i want you to try,but it is impossible,
you are so far away.Meeting new day i want to give
you smile,to look into your eyes and to loose my mind.
I want to be with you forever.Sometimes i feel lost walking
on the street,yes,there are a lot people around,but the
one and only one i need is miles and miles away.
if i was bird i would fly to you and to sing beautiful song
for you my love.

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