sexta-feira, 20 de dezembro de 2013


My Love ,

Please understand,  I mean my words and i say what i mean. Like i said, I wrestled with decision to asked you for this temporary assistance, but as i have  no more option than to ask you.

Please have 100% trust and faith in me.. Please get this clear, My feelings for you run deep within my heart, More than MONEY and I have came to the conclusion that sometimes souls touch before eyes see.  And When I fall in love  It will be forever Or I'll never fall in love and When I give my heart I give it completely Or I'll never give my heart.

Firstly I want to thank you and appreciate your kindness and willingness. Please understand this relationship with you cannot be compare with Money, Gold or Silver . I waited so long to have this true and sincere feeling for woman and i will never ever take it for granted.

Pls Darling, I ask for your 100% trust and faith in me. Lie to you , not part of me. Pls help me to be able to complete my project. The ship is available for clearance now and if i didn't clear it, i have to pay fine{ Demurrage Charges}  per each day the ship stay at the sea port. I will never ever run away with your money. Remember i told you that I have reached my credit limit and overdraft and exhausted all my revenue. I PROMISE TO REPAY YOU.

Our Relationship is bigger money or anything, Please. I swear, I will never let you down. I will surely repay first thing when i arrive in there. Pls trust me with all ur heart and allow no doubts. Again You are my hope and last source , I have no where to return to, If there is an option or alternative for me i rather go there but no place, you are my last hope.

Remember I told you, You are the woman I've always prayed for (ever since I can remember)!  I do believe in u!  I sincerely want to spend the rest of my life with u!my mind is set on being with u for the rest of our lives!!   My angel -- to the world u are only one person; but, to me u are the world.

Listen to this Promises, Firstly understand that i am a man of my word and i don't say words for saying sake or purpose, I Mean what I say and I say what i mean, Am not a perfect man but a very honest man. You can always hold me on my words/Promises at any giving time.

I promise I will never betray u!  I promise I will never break ur heart!  I promise I will never deny u (anything)!  I promise I will never disrespect u!  I promise I will never doubt u!  I promise I will never fail u!  I promise I will never hurt u (in any way)!  I promise I will never mistreat u!  And, I promise I will never neglect u!

Below is the information you needed to wire the funds via bank transfer into the Clearing Agent account direct. Thank you for being the one who calms all my inner fears and your love is all I'll ever need. I'm so very happy  Soon, U and I shall be together as we were meant to be. Please email me the confirmation/ payment slip.

Acct Number :         164856105639

Acct Name     :         Hairri Binti Imbran

Bank Name    :         Maybank

Swift Code       :         MBBEMYKL

Branch Code  :        64856

Bank Address  :       Alam Damai ss No 15  Jaland  dp/1b Bandar Damai Perdana.

City   :                     Cheras

State  :                    Kuala Lumpur

Country :                 Malaysia.

Tel :                      0102581988

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