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From: Nelson Gareth <>
 Date: 2013/8/25
Subject: More about me
To: " xxxxxxxx
Hello Dear, How are you today?
 I am pleased to have your email. I am sorry for little late reply, It is good to be in communication with you regardless our different locations, and I look forward to knowing you  more and creating a long lasting relationship with you. The only reason why I joined the dating site was to find someone with whom I will spend the rest of my life, and just after you replied my message I had deleted my profile off the site in order to have time and concentrate on my communication with you. I hate distractions and communicating with more than one woman at a time is not my style.
 Well, let me tell you more about myself. My name is Nelson Gareth I am originally from Florida of United State and live here in city of London with my 10yrs Daughter’’Joyce’’ my mom live here in city of Jacksonville. My wife died last year from breast cancer and dad died two years back. I am a loving person, caring, passionate and generous, and one of the things that make me happy in life is seeing and making others happy by rendering assistance to the poor and less fortunate amongst us. I am a Petr-Chemical Engineer by profession and have worked with few local and overseas oil firms. Dad was into property development before his death.
 Ever since the death of my wife joining the site was my first internet and physical dating, and I am hoping for the best as I am sick and tired of living a lonely life. Though we have to patiently take it step by step.
 So sad though, to say that I have seen on the news about so many bad people on the internet nowadays who use all sort of tactics to deceive people by claiming to be what they are not, but I am confident you are a good person just like I am. I can't afford to get hurt or deceived. Attached is one of my picture and will send more later dear.

 Take care for now dear, and keep in touch as time permits you.

 Your new friend.


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