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 Eu sou a Senhora
 Naura pelo nome, único. eu vou ficar feliz em saber mais sobre você, você pode por favor me responda direto para o meu endereço de e-mail (naura.abraham @ para que eu possa lhe dar mais introdução de mim mesmo e também dar-lhe um pouco mais de minhas fotos, minha facebook página aqui não está respondendo bem. Espero que a diferença de idade não será um problema para você, por favor, responda para o meu endereço de e-mail porque eu tenho questão importante que eu gostaria de discutir com você. meu email naura.abraham @

o face dela é esse:
On Saturday, January 18, 2014 1:22 AM, kelvin moore <> wrote:
How are you doing? I've been so busy all day long but at last, I get to send you an email from my email box thanks for giving me your email address, this is the most comfortable place for me to send an email from since I can comfortable open it from my office. I really don't know where to start from, but I must inform you, I have a passion for writing. As you may already be aware, my name is Heinrich Freeman from Texas. I am a 2nd Lieutenant in the United State Army, and I am presently stationed in Afghanistan, but before my present posting, I was the commanding officer of the 21st Infantry Division in Iraq, after the war in Iraq I was deployed to Afghanistan where I am presently stationed, here I am in charge of the 2nd Brigade Mechanized Combat Unit, been in the army for about 11 years now, I got enlisted in 2001. My job is very tasking and has taken its toll on my private life; I have had no chance to build a relationship with a deserving lady.

One of the reasons I registered on that site is because my closest friend was so lucky to meet a real charming lady online, they are so made for each other, and their relationship is really blossoming, I never really knew that this online thing could really work out until my friend assisted her in coming over to the states and they are happily married. So I decided to sign up on this network in search of my own soul mate. While browsing through some profiles, I stumbled upon your own profile and I immediately decided that I had to contact you, and shower an accolade on you in earnest appreciation of your beauty, and seek your hand in friendship. Be rest assured that I find you attractive as the say beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Once again it is my pleasure to meet your acquaintance. My ideal woman is someone I can discuss and share my feelings with, someone who has similar interest with me, someone who I will love and the person will in turn love me. I am a very humble person and seek a humble person as well. I will stop thus far and ask that you spare me a minute and reply my email and tell me some things about yourself as well, I will like to know at this early stage what makes you happy so that I can always strive my best to keep you happy. I attached some pictures of myself to this email, I really hope you like the pictures, and I hope to receive some of your pictures in your reply mail, I look forward to hearing from you soonest.
Yours Affectionately
Moore kelvin.

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