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Subject: RE: Contact Joseph Siqueira in northern Brazil, via AngelReturn
Date: Tue, 1 Oct 2013 19:09:30 +0000

Hello ,
                            Am 32 years working with U.S ARMY am from Carmel / Indiana and presently in Afghanistan making peace...I was happily married and i had a very lovely and wonderful Husband his name is Anthony . I think our dreams can create our future my husband passed away five years ago when he died of cancel of the brain it was hell to cope with him no more it was really awful and it took me a while to get over it...That was the greatest shock of my life i was so destabilized and i never knew i could get on with life again...I tried to get over it but the memory is still fresh just like yesterday he was such a nice man...I had a relationship two years ago but it only lasted for two months when i found out the the man was sleeping around i gave him everything he wanted and didn't make him lack anything He ended up cheating on me with a friend that stayed close to us he fuck around whenever am off to camp i was really disappointed and i promised myself never to fall for any man again in my life that was why i made up my mind to take my time in searching for a man who will be ready to spend a honest life with me till the end of time.

Cierra Cares

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