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Thanks for writing me. Well as you already know i live in Colorado Springs, Co. I've being living here for the rest of my life. My source of happiness is my family. My two kids Zakeri 13year old, Justin 16years plus has been the source of my happiness. Their mother passed away 7yrs in automobile. I graduated from Colorado Springs University. I have degree in Engineering, Civil Engineer. my job takes me through meeting and comforting so many individuals. My job involves designs and maintains roads, bridges, dams,supplies of building materials. My job is M-F flexible hours. I am willing to relocated. I would like to meet the right woman in my pursuit of happiness.
I was born in (Co) my father is deceased and my mother is alive and retired. I was raised by my parents & grandmother in southeastern part of Yucatan,Mexico, to tell you the truth my grandmother was more than my mother. The woman who gave me life never wanted me, I'm grateful for everything I lived with her, it was a true blessing from God. Basically it's just the 4 of us - grandma,mom, me & sister... My mom was the youngest child of seven siblings. My dad has one brother,My father parents are deceased.. I was originally born in a roman Catholic family. My grandmother is still living as of 94years, she's my history and light, truth.My mom father is deceased.  I'm grateful for everything, my father is part Italian and my mother is part Spanish but they grew up in Mexican culture.  

I pray five time, first in the morning, when i wake up and also before i lay on bed, break; lunch and dinner. I know that will meet honest and sincere woman here my colleague got married from iq. I am not very good on this but if you will teach me more... ok?...I love all religion, and i do not mind married from any religion. What do you do? i want to let you know that i am not looking for a lady because of her achievement but i really want to find that special woman, that rich in heart and ready for a nice and loving relationship.. Tell me more about your work? Do you enjoy the weather there? The weather here was crazy I enjoy the weather here, warm,sunny,nice,cold,beautiful. but its getting better now.

I am new to online dating stuff and I really want to take the chance to find that special woman. How long have you been on this? Have you met anyone in person before?  I was thinking today of why I joined and I think the answer is that … I think many people are there because they are looking for something real, something special, someone that would make their lives complete and most often that is the love of a genuinely good person. I am new to this internet dating thing. I guess I signed on because … I would like to fall in love again, but this time, with someone who be there forever till dead do us apart,most of all with someone who can make me laughMy star sign is cancer. I want you to understand that age and distance do not have any barrier in a relationship where there is mutual true love. When is your birthday? Are you divorce or widow? lol. What is your favorite color?

I respect and honor all religions, and as a man, I would marry any religion it depended on her choice…. I like all colors, but my favorite color is blue, purple, grey, brown and black. About my aspiration and inspiration about life, life is so colorful, sometimes its hard, sometimes its easy, that is life, life is like a spinning wheel sometime its up and down, it is depends to us how to face it, we live in reality, our closeness to God will make us wise to facing the life no matter what happen, although we sometimes feel slumped but we will able to stand up back if we have strong faith that God will always be with us.  Every day that we live , can be a day which we learn a valuable lesson to take with us for the rest of our existence, if we are willing make a full fledged effort to participate in and learn from every moment we experience.

I will like to know more about your aspirations and inspirations of what you want in life. I'm not perfect, i do not search for perfection, i only want a woman who takes little time to appreciate simple things in life. I believe in SINCERITY AND TRUTHFULNESS. I think it should be the hallmark of a true relationship. I believe in EQUALITY, respecting the view of my partner and (marriage). I'm not looking for beauty from outside but beauty from inside. I don't like smokers and addicted to alcohol and drugs. Im against that, Not apart of me. I like the parks,beaches, river walks,cruises,traveling,picnics,games;hockey,soccer,tennis,golf,football,basketball. 

The only friend I've is Zakeri and Justin. I love going to the park with Zakeri, Justin, we also hang around beach just to enjoy the fresh breeze and the smashing of the water across the rocks.Justin, Zakeri on their own is handful, the takes time to make me really work hard so much and put a smile on me.. lol just joking, ha! ha! ha ! Justin, Zakeri make me proud of them, they are always doing things as instructed and the comes home with good grades. He loves ice cream, soccer, playing video games with ME, they are very smart. In my free time, i always take them to movies or to mall to have fun, we still hit the park and take time to go fishing sometimes. 

My favorite hobby is cooking, reading, spending my time in my room, listening music, walks, play badminton, cycling, hang around to the beach and hills when have a long weekend, I don’t like crowded people. Do I read  books? yes I do, I love to read, novels, magazines, some articles, comics. What irritates me most ? hmmm…. I am a simple person and easy going, I just don’t like people who play drama in life, the people whom too much complaining about their life but not trying to do something, lazy people, the hypocrite.

As for as marriage go, I've seen many that broke up within a short span of time and I've also seen some that withstood all storms. I don't think there's any particular formula for a successful marriage, apart from a deep rooted willingness to accept the other person unconditionally with all his good & bad traits, and to try to adapt oneself to become what he/she wants- I believe is not changing the other person, but changing myself to suit her- That is what i saw my parent does. My mom always says there should be truth, trust & tolerance along with larges doses of compromise and understanding to make a relationship work.

The quality of my partner, she could be a good listener and have responsibility or passion for family, able to accept me as I am, and able to work together in building a family in the future, be able to receive good and bad of my family because however I love them, who can help me build an Godly family, who able to treat her husband well not as slaves but as a partner in life and family, have mutual encouragement and walking side by side in facing and solve a problem, in other words I am not looking for someone who is rich in matter, but I am looking for someone who is rich in heart, mature and wise, that is able to remind me when I was out of control and have wrong step
Want to know more about you:-
What is your favorite hobby? What food do you love to eat? Do you like spicy or plant? Do you read books and what kind of books do you like to read? What irritates you the most? How many hours of sleep would make you feel good everyday? What time do you say your prayer as I do not want to disturb you during those times? Do you feel it is good to be committed to me during this phase or knowing each other itself or you want some freedom till you understand me completely? What are those qualities you see in your life partner? 

Take your time and answer these questions cause i want to understand you more, get more closer to your thoughts, align my likes and dislikes with you. Now your turn. It will be a great way of knowing each other better. Have a wonderful day, I look forward to your humble reply soon.

May God bless you.. Hug and Kiss


I sincerely appreciate your email and your beautiful smile of your photos. I do want to know more about you. I am very serious person. Please tell me something about yourself.

If you don't mind. How long you have been on IQ?


perfil no iq
My two son.

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  1. seu número de telemóvel: 0017192032814. apenas recentemente se encontrou com ele e mandei a mesma letra.

  2. Yo recibí la misma carta, con las mismas fotos, no sé si entiendo alguien más recibió la misma carta?

    1. Sí, por encima de lo que está escrito fue enviado a otra mujer.
      Tenga cuidado porque es un estafador

    2. si amiga e um scammer golpista virtual com certesa para varias outras . mafia nigeriana

  3. Acredita que o perfil dele continua ativo?! Ele foi denunciado, e o IQ Elite não se deu o trabalho de excluí-lo do site. Acho que ele paga muito bem para o site para mantê-lo por lá...


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