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Phil Hawskin Johnson
Meu Nome completo Phil Hawkins Johnson, Texaco E Ave Levanta Militar Add
CEP: 77486, Houston Texas, EUA. Eu te amo muito meu amor, eu virá para você quando eu estou de volta meu amor. Beijos para você, meu amor
Estou fazendo uma denuncia sobre oque aconteceu comigo, desde fevereiro deste ano. Conheci um americano(se diz americano) engenheiro civil, que trabalha em grandes projetos de engenharia e atualmente está terminando um projeto na cidade de Buffalo(NY), . Diz ser natural da cidade de Athens (GA) onde vive com a mãe , filha e netas. O que me fez suspeitar do individuo é sua constante solicitação de dinheiro para pagar suas despesas sempre com uma desculpa diferente. Primeiro problema com o cartão de credito, qdo estava na Escocia, depois com o banco, Agora para pagar despesas com os empregados da obra. E ele nunca permite que o dinheiro seja enviado diretamente para ele.. Sempre da endereço de mulheres americanas de diversos estados.. Teve uma vez que ele queria que fosse enviado para a Nigeria. Isto me fez suspeitar mais ainda que fosse um golpe Acredito que as fotos que ele me enviou tbm sejam falsas. Ele estava no Facebook com o perfil de Chan Chi Kin, hoje ja está desativado .No google+ ele está com o nome de Chan W0116 e apenas comigo com seguidor. Seu email é cochanex@yahoo.com. As fotos que recebi dele são provavelmente falsas e pertencem a outra pessoa. Estou anexando algumas para facilitar a identificação. Obrigada por este site existir.
Abaixo esta o primeiro e mail que ele me enviou contando sua vida "" how are you doing hope you are fine. before I say anything let me say thanks for giving us a chance to read and write each other, I guess with this, we will get to know more about us... I was born in Athens on May 9, 1959. my father is from Chicago united state of america, while my mom is from Spain. my parents has been the best parents who could exist on earth, love, knowledge, wisdom and money , all was there for us. I have been a brilliant student, able to study anything I wanted. most of my studies where done here in the state. I study construction engineer, I did 2 Master degrees then I prepared the Ph.D. My father died when I was 22 years, my father's family didn't want me ,but I was so very lucky my mother got custody of me, I was raised like a prince lol, well to be exact, like a countess, my grandfather was an aristocrat, a count. He was my dad's father. but my mother is a Wo-Man That is why after having my B.A. From U.S.C, I had to go back to Latino, and continued the family tradition of going to Saint Cyr military institute founded by Napoleon in 1802 , got my masters in constructing. also had my B.A in construction engineer in British College of institute and technology...I work presently in New York, but own my personal house in Athens Ga where my lovely mom and my lovely grand kids lives in..
I have practiced a lot of sports, I like challenges, I like to have a strong body and a strong mind. sports helps me a lot, also sports helps me to oxygenate my brain to study. I have practice intensively: swimming, tennis, intensively 15 to 20 hours per week. All this belongs to the past but made me strong physically and mentally. I also did a lot of meditation, fasting, spiritual work, to grow spiritually on the path of Light, and to purify myself. I married when I was 35 years.
the marriage lasted for 9 years with one lovely daughters. my wife died suffering from (cancer of lungs)..I don't smoke and I never liked her smoking but due to the love we have for each other, I gave her a privilege to do what makes her happy as I was good with relationships, very social oriented.......A drama for me as I believed that marriage was really sacred. I got upset with God for a few weeks for loosing that which was precious to me. it took me time to heal and be able to change my view of life. finally now I feel free and I allow myself to love again, because I have to give my self a chance to love and to be loved. I love all on my path, all which makes me to grow. I love, the key of our life. I see love in everyone. but get disappointed with the return I get with no love, only use and abuse. So I accept it, telling myself that God accepts it, so do I. Being a vegetarian for many years, it has helped me for a good health. lol
Art is also very important in my environment, searching for harmony in all ways, through music, reading, nice environments, etc. I have studied religions, understanding the different paths to the Light, understanding different philosophies of life.I believe in reincarnation, in the continuation of life as the soul is eternal. I have been aware of some past, and it helped me to understand more the present..' After my studies at the University, I started to study and never stopped since that time, my other passion has been medicine, natural medicine, I have studied piano for 5 years, + saxophone.
Life for me is a workshop to learn and make the experience of Love.
My free time is mostly spent with my family which is my mom, my daughter and my lovely grand kids. But on occasion I like too go to the movies, see stage plays and concerts, shoot pool, as well as any sporting events. i think if we give each other the chance for easy chat, we can become more than a friend. I am going to give you my philosophy on dating just in case I ever get the privilege of taking you on one. I think dating is merely a time for 2 people to get to know each other better. And I believe that this doesn't just come with the number of dates that you have been on, but with how open and honest the communication is on these dates.
I feel that often when people are dating they are too busy looking toward the future (will he/she make a good husband/wife) that they don’t get to enjoy the present. And besides before a future house of love can be built, a foundation in the present must first be laid. Here are few questions for you to think about and answer. If you had to describe yourself in 3 words what would those 3 words be? If you could change one thing about your life what would it be? And finally what is your definition of true happiness? ...... I hope I have told you little about me. looking forward to read from you soon and wish you a lovely moment out there.
Yours lovely friend,"""
João Burity da Silva
ag....0118-0 bradesco

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