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Robert Dial
email: robartdiaz@hotmail.com
Diz ser Engenheiro civil, 54 anos, nascido em 24 de outubro, viúvo, residente em Geórgia (Atlanta), com dois filhos com idade de 24 e 22 anos, Ryne e Miranda, estudam e residem em Miami.

segue texto de sua última abordagem para tentar tirar-me algum dinheiro:

Hello my love,

How are you doing today?  You will not believe this..... I am just coming from the hospital now. the hold Craned i was using had a problem last week , so i hired a new one today to replace the old one i was using and the new crane really cost a very big accident at work site and injured 2 of my workers who are seriously in a critical situation at the moment . . They have however took them to emergency unit  in the hospital though the doctor said their  chance of survival is slim but if they  can live through the crisis period they  will sure survive according to the doctor in charge of his case.

The medical insurance company are taking care of them and for the craned hired , it wasn't fully insured . So am the one responsible to buy a new gear box or repair the old craned both cost a lot but buying a new one is a waste since am almost done with my contract so what i need is just to buy a second hand one or just repair the old craned which is cheaper , i have already made contact with the only people who i trust to help with some found and they will .

But now i need to get the rest found but the problem now is that i have use my over draft from the bank and i can't take more loan from my current account and that means i cant make use of my credit card am so worried  i need to meet up to the deadline of the contract if not it going to cost me a lot and i wouldn't be paid for the contract which i have invested so much on it and all my effort will be in vein

 I am so worried here because the clause on the agreement is that I must finish the job on schedule else I will forfeit the contract terms. You know, Asians are not happy giving contracts to foreign contractors. That’s why sometime we will have to front with their citizen.

  I sure hope you are okay my love. I really miss you and can't wait to be with you. I want to rest a while, I'll keep you posted. i have not been myself and am so weak and frustrated sweetie missing you so dearly



No dia seguinta a bomba que já esperava:

How are you doing hope good ,am really missing you down here and the situation am going THRU here is not favorable for me in anyway the craned i told you had problem with the gear box i have to be the one to get it fix up so i could use it to finish my contract on time and that going to cost me some money which i don't have much on me right now because i have invested so much in my contract and before my credit card will be reactivated is going to take me 3 weeks and i cant wait till that time , am really feeling so ashamed to bother you with my problem but honey i really need a little help of assistance from you so i could fix the gear box of the craned and continue my job i promise to pay you back even with interest on it i never wanted to disturb you with my problem but right now am in a very tight situation please my love find a place in your heart to be of little help for me as you do so GOD will reward you i have not eating anything because am so worried love you from the bottom of my heart kisses my heart desire wishing you a lovely weekend ahead of you

Eles ainda pensam que somos idiotas!
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