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44704211965 e 447933577557

44704211965 e 447933577557

Hello dear,

I really want to say a big thank you to you for accepting me as your friend, i appreciate it so much. how are you, how is life, hope life is treating you fairly?. I was thrilled to writhing you immediately i requested for your Email ID in that site, thanks for giving me such privilege I don't know where to start from but i will definitely start from somewhere. sometimes in life you begin to think that you can deal with relationships for what they depicts because of the way and manner we human abuse it but then i strongly believe that some special once still exists. Friendship they say is like a game, some win while some loss but the question still remains "Where is fate driving me to", Is it to that special person or otherwise. But my instinct tells me that am going to find that special one soon. Let me start by introducing myself, My name is BOBBY ALBERT, i live in Manchester city, am 5ft tall, single, hard working though am quiet but good looking too. I was born on the 27th day of may 1967 in London where i grew up and had my education. I work with a private firm my dad used to own before he passed on. Am desperately in search of my missing rib, a woman of virtue, the mother of my unborn children, my heart. Hope you understand how it feels to be in the plight of loneliness, even at my age i have not gotten what i ever wanted, a woman who would love me for who i really am. Am an easy going person, understanding, caring and truthful. Am a straight minded person but above all am too emotional. Can i ask you a question hope you don't mind, have you ever being to London? tell me about yourself as i just did. Well, that would be all for now, Hoping to hear from you soon. Do take proper care of yourself for me.

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