domingo, 18 de agosto de 2013
Hello honey, I think am been used to you,Telling you now more about my work. A typical day for me is hectic than yours cos i wake up very early, I am an early bird and and i work from Monday to Friday and most times on Saturday. I don’t have to tell you this though, my job has actually made me love it more coz it helps me do one of the things I love and that’s traveling, I have been to so many places in the world that I can’t even remember all of them except that I bring my passport and list them out, but I can remember that I have been to Kuwait,Afghanistan, Haiti,France,Australia, and a lot more that I can’t remember oh yes I have also been to London and I missed going to Argentina coz of this job I have now at hand now in Syria, as you can see I have been to too many places and right now I am planning to settle down and make my own happy home, I have gotten everything that I want in my life and the only thing now missing is an wife to make me happy, I also love my mom and Son so much, they are the only one I have now, coz I came from a small family, my mom like me, She is the only child of her parents and they are dead now, my dad is not here anymore and when he died, mom was accused of having a hand in his death, but I tell you solemnly, my mom was innocent of that accusation, so that made my uncles and aunties a bit hostile towards me, it wasn't easy for my mom to raise me up as a single mother, and I became a Medical Doctor.
So my dear how about you, tell me more about your daily life, I will love to know all about you, how many brothers do you have? Tell me about your family and also do you like guys with an accent? I do have an accent coz I have to adapt to the British accent to enable people that I work with be able to communicate.
I will love you to pray hard for this friendship, pray that we end each others search, I am getting tired and my patience is getting shorter lol….
Anyways, I will wait to read from you and hope that you have the most pleasant moment lol….


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