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scammers -golpistas virtuais

I am Barrister Dovi Ahlonko from Lome-Togo West Africa,a personal attorney to Late Engr.M.Pessoa.My client is a national of your country who died in a car accident with his entire family,(Wife and only Daughter)Am contacting you to assist in repatriating his fund valued at (US$7.5M) as his next of Kin/Relation.

I have been mandated by the bank management to present the next of kin to the decease who will be entitled to the estate or have it confiscated by the expiration of the mandate. I contacted you because you have the same nationality with my late client so I wish to present you to the bank with all documents of prove as his next of kin because you bear the same last name with the decease. Get in-touch with me immediately if your interested through my private e-mail;d.ahlonko@zoho.com) for more detailsinformation's and the way forward to this claim.

Best Regards.

Barrister Dovi Ahlonko
Hello.. You don´t know me.. but Bernard Vance said You maybe can help me with some scammers  Robert Britt and Maury Joel Eric( hmm now Marry Eric Joel) they are in nigeria, Robert in Asaba and Maury in Warri... TO robert I send money a lot... 3000 € little By little, before I foun out he is scammer

Reciver name: Nwonueze Kanayochukwu

Address No: 90 Nnebusi Road asaba delta state Nigeria

Question : who is great?

Answerd : God

 Maury ask money before christmas and again now last week... he said I can send money to Warri WU Recive name Mr. Maury Eric   hmm WHAT we can do to those men
Robert Britt was in FB with Uwe Huberus faces  Maury is here now with name Marry Eric Joel  hmm he change it few days before... hope we can talk sometimes.. :DD my husband can distrup us because HE dont like my chat... OR know anything about this...Hope you understand me my english is little rusty and from 70´s when I was in scool :DD
:DD AND Groft Newton was in FB too with same Uwes pictures not on FB anymore . but  in SKYPE with  ID groftn  ask me to take some box with monewy here hmm

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