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Date: Wed, 8 Aug 2012 07:50:44 -0700
From: jones_franklin3@yahoo.com
Subject: Franklin
To: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
hello ,

How are you doing hope fine..well i am glad to hear from you..i am just a very simple man with great heart..i am 52years old widower with no child..my wife died of cancer of the blood about 10 years ago ever since i have been alone..i am trying to find that special matured lady in my life again because at this old age i cant start raising kids..i am petrochemical engineer and also business man..i am currently in Malaysia where i export palm oil to Australia,you know i do this when i am not offshore for my job..so i use this business to keep myself busy..i am very clam and calculated person..i am good Christian and i respect other peoples religion..i try as much as i can to be good to people i come across and reach out to the less privilege ones in our society because that way we can make a world a better place..my work has taken me to so many countries..i like meeting people..i am great music and football love..i enjoy sports in general..i love nature and i try go to beach often as i can..honestly i am just cool guy if you get to know me better...hope to hear from you again,


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