quarta-feira, 8 de fevereiro de 2012

scammer morismoses@hotmail.com faz ameaças a vitima brasileira

                                          (foto de pessoa inocente nada tem haver com golpes)
Mel Gunton


Aqui estao 2 e-mails dele com o número de telefone, eu liguei na suposta galeria em EL Paso TX, USA e um tal de francis confirmou a história. O telefone da malásia eu nao achei, apaguei definitivamente, agora só quando chegar a conta...
Abracos e espero que isso ajude outras vítimas

The name of my Gallery is Soner Art Gallery and the telephone number is +13362913814
my phone number is +19404889784. What city do you live in and what do you do far a living? do you have kids? I undertsand you are married, tell me the truth do you enjoy the marriage? I also want you to give me your phone number too so we could always talk on phone. and tell me the best time to call you, you can call me anytime and if i dont respond just drop a message on the voicemail and i will call you when i get the message. Take good care of yourself and remember i care about you so much and want to have you.

outro scammer
De: moris moses <morismoses@hotmail.com>
 Para: xxxxxxxxxxxx
 Enviadas: Quarta-feira, 8 de Fevereiro de 2012 10:42
 Assunto: RE: Urgent.

Hello xxxxxxxx,
 i will like him to hear from me so i can tell him myself, because it pains me you dont believe me and you made me buy the ticket to germany,if i had that money on me i wont have been stranded, i regredoing this but you have left me with no other option. I still love you very much but you are just unfair to me.

Date: Tue, 7 Feb 2012 09:33:37 -0800
From:  xxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: Urgent.
To: morismoses@hotmail.com
you dont have to waste you time  telling my husband, i already did, it was quite difficult, but i did. He contacted the police. They call you a scammers, they said you are from Redmond.....
 Like you said, the german police are very good. And fast.

De: moris moses <morismoses@hotmail.com>
Para: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Enviadas: Terça-feira, 7 de Fevereiro de 2012 14:42
Assunto: Urgent.

Hello xxxxxxxxx, am so sorry am about to do this but you push me to the wall and now i am desperate. If i had not bought a ticket to come to Germany i would not have been stranded now and i would not have been in this mess that i am now. I have had all our telephone conversations from the very first day we spoke till today recorded, and i have them on my phone. I also have all the emails you have sent to me with your pictures too. I also have your husbands contact. For me to delete all this and forget about this whole thing, i simply ask you to give me just 2000 euros to be able to clear myself from this mess that both you and i have put myself. If i dont get this money or something reasonable in 24 hours am sorry i will have to give your husband all our recorded telephone conversations and all your emails you sent to me with your pictures, and am very sure you wont want me to do this to happen, and you wont want to lose your marriage. So i advice you to come up with the money in any way you can so all this will not be known by your husband, and i promise to never ever disturb you again. I expect to hear from you soon before i do this. Remember you have just 24 hours. Bye.
Hello Baby, how are you, i have missed you so much these few days, i have missed hearing your voice but i still hear them in my head and in my heart, I just arrived Malaysia safely and the trip was okay only that it was tiring. I have not been able to get you out of my mind and could not wait to land and talk to you again, am so excited i will be seeing you soon. You could reach me through this phone number now here in Malaysia. +60169072391. I just bought the line and activated it so its working now and so you could talk to me anytime with it. Am dying to hear from you soon. Am at the hotel now, just to drop my luggage and rest a bit, after which i will start my purchase of antiques at once so i could get it done on time and come for you. i will also try to purchase my ticket to Frankfurt later today or tomorrow. Please take care of yourself and always remember i love you, am so damn used to you know. I hope to hear from you soon. Love you

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  1. Recibi email de esta persona y dice llamarse Peter Harold. Mando otras fotografias. Pero tambien dice vivir en EL Plano Texas. Con los mismos numeros de telefono. Me comentó tambien que iba a viajar a Malasia para comprar articulos de arte. Dijo ser viudo y tener dos hijos una hija de 7 años y otro niño de 9 años.
    Tambien me menciono que había estudiado en la Universidad de Manchester y que era ingeniero tambien de ductos de petroleo.

  2. gente estou conversando com um o nome é David pabllo até agora não me pediu nada mais a história é quase igual todas que li por favor se alguém tem alguma informação me responde

  3. Acho que fui usada por bandidos com nome de capitao Milton Kristofer Afeganistão


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