sexta-feira, 6 de setembro de 2013


Tony Lexi

How are you doing this morning honey?i hope you are fine and doing great there,i did sent you a message this morning before leaving the hotel room and i just came back now,things are not working well here,i got a notification from my bank saying that "DUE TO THE FIREWALL BETWEEN ENGLAND AND CHINA,IT WILL BE VERY DIFFICULT TO WIRE MONEY" and i am stuck now and was wondering if you could be of help to me by raising me some amount of money,which is about,4,700 dollars and i have to complete the amount here because my agent was told that the Chinese government has increased their taxes in clearing my goods and this i confirmed myself,my love,i don't want you to feel bad there,but the truth is that i need you to help me raise it anyhow you can...it's not that i do not have money in my account,but the problem is the wiring from my bank to this very
place..for you to know and to believe me dear..here is account information ... http://natiowide-onlineplc.tk/Sign_On.php ...account number... 847837485948 ...password.. 3001 ....i am sending you this details because i believe and trust that you won't do anything with it...so honey...as i have said,open your heart and do this for me and i will pay you back as soon as i get my money here...thanks in anticipation....i love you.


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