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Robert Barrett---robertbarrett635@hotmail.com

From: robertbarrett635@hotmail.com
To:  xxxxxxxxx
Date: Sun, 12 Aug 2012 13:09:40 +0100


how are you to day hope evrything is fine. let me start by introducing my self to you. My name is Robert  Barrett, i am from london. i am 44yrs born in the family of two i am the second with a sister who is married. i am a Marine engineer and will retire very soon.I am a man who loves the lord and desires to accomplish his will.I am easy going person, affectionate, have a great sense of humor, i like fun, i am open minded person, romantic at heart and believe women should be treated like queens and i love spoiling my loved one.My aspiration is to become great in life, take good care of my wife and kids as much as i can and then be the best man I can be to my family.My favorite colors is purple I like movies especially scary ones, bowling, dancing, and amusement parks anything fun... I am honest, and do not play any games, don’t have time for that. I do not like liars or cheaters.I enjoy pampering, surprising from my partner and also surprise my partner and I also love to be nurtured in return. Sensuality is important to me, some of my favorite things are the salty taste of lobster simmering in a blurred blanch sauce, the smell of the ocean mixed with suntan lotion on a summer day, the cool, velvety softness of well-worn cotton sheets on a hot summer night, the gentle touch of a lover, the beauty of a home which has been designed to be inviting and welcoming, the sound of leaves rustling beneath your feet in the Fall. I am here to look for the real woman who can bring out the best from me.A woman that will share the solid foundation of relationship with me, which is, trust, love, relationship, companion, compromise, understanding, friendship, sincere of, who has the spirit of given.A woman that know what is in my mind when she look at my face.One that will share my sorrows with me.   I believe that faith can lead us to a very beautiful direction. That eventually we might end up with each other someday as we hold untold our faith. can you please tell me more about your self.

    With love

Robert  Barrett
From: robertbarrett635@hotmail.com
To:  xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Sun, 26 Aug 2012 18:22:35 +0100

How are you doing today? I really appreciate your interest in our welfare and your time to write me.  However, I love to read your mail and found meaning in it, I felt honored and this feeling that tells me you are that special one that could bring memories to me. Even though I never had any such relationship with you before, but this is one that gives me huge interest and I really want to go into it with you .Relationship is all about understanding in every aspect of life which is acceptable in human society. I'm trilled about you and your personality.In my heart, I truly love to build a good relationship that could shape our future life and will show all cares to you I hope your family are doing fine.

 I only dreaming of a very simple dream to find somebody who will love me as the way I do...... well you never can tell what the future holds for us ... OK? But I promise to make your life happier if you allow me to see true and sincere affection without an feeling of pretence ...than i will respect and love you OK? I need more attention and your effort to keep the ball rolling. Oh it sound so amazing to hear about the tourist placese in your country it will be wonderfull to visit your country tourist on my vacation. if only will hold on to our friendship. And i would want us to keep our friendship strong and alive!

  I looking forward to read more from you soon.

Have a pleasant day

with love


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