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Jailen Braxton captain_braxton40@hotmail.com

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De: Jailen Braxton captain_braxton40@hotmail.com
Para: xxxxxxxx
Assunto: Hello Beautiful
Data: 06/12/2013 00h01min53s UTC

Thank you, dear

I want to start by thanking you for responding to my message and giving me your email, I will say That You are a mature woman who really knows what she is looking for, I like your profile and I must confess That a woman is blessed by nature.my full names are Jailen Braxton and I am a captain in the U.S. Army (soldier) and I want you to know that i am a man of my word, and I mean what I say, I'm, happy man, friendly simple, passionate, caring soft hearted looking for true love and soul mate, that would be for love like me, and I do not care about the language and the distance between us we can not have, because I know the mountain can not eat between me and my love When I find her, I'm ready to cross the ocean to be with the woman of my dreams and I promise to take good care of her and care for her like gold. I'm not getting any younger, so that is why I'm looking for the right person to spend the rest of my life with, we are going to be best friends and great lovers, we would have fun every day of our lives, along with the strong relationship with the love and trust this is what I want in my life and with my true love.And I want to believe That in my heart You are that special woman who has caught my attention at first glance, it is very nice I tell you again, and I know there is something more than the beauty in you, so I want you to know each other more, I do not play with the emotion of the anyone and not want anyone playing with mine.true love is all I seek.take care of yourself, as I hope to read your email

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