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mensagens de scammers -golpistas virtuais

Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2012 20:23:01 -0800
> Subject: Re: FW: LEAVE
> From: usarmyantiterrorism@gmail.com
> To:  xxxxxxxxxxx
> Than you for writing back. It would cost $1200 and it can be paid
> through the Western Union. And it can be paid at installments. The
> money is would be paid bacK to you when the soldier is confirmed to be
> with you.
> Here is the Clerk info where the money would be paid.
> Salute

O nome é David Malone Mccain, tem 56 anos, é viúvo, esta a trabalho em uma plataforma de petróleo no Golfo do México mas mora em Dallas - Texas, é médico cirurgião. Tem uma filha chamada Sarah que esta fazendo aniversário (16 anos) hoje - 01/12/12.
Estou mandando pra vc 2 emails, um onde ele pede a ajuda e o outro com os dados da conta pra onde deve ser enviado o dinheiro.
As fotos que estão no anexo são dele, da filha e ele diz que tirou fotos da casa dele.
Beijo amiga,

Hello sweetie,

Good Morning Beth... How was your night? I hope it was cool, I miss you...

Sorry you haven't heard from me all this while because there was heavy storm over here and the transmitter signal went off and down here that was why no Internet access while in the middle of the sea here my love. Please, note that you didn't offend me, I missed sending you an email letter which I love doing best for you as food for your soul just to make you happy and stay warm with the lovely thought of David your husband to be real soon.

Please honey, take note that... each time you don't read or hear from me...just be aware that the Internet signal here in the middle of the sea went off, okay? I love you honey and I truly want you and have good news that I already spoke with my flight agent and he's currently processing my flight to Sao Paulo Brazil. I will email and send to you my flight details as soon as possible, Okay? I love you, Kisses!!!

Beth, I love you and care about you....my heart desire you....i love you more and more.... my love am really sad right now, I was called by Sarah this morning and she was telling me about her birthday and I explained to her that I can't send money from here but she seems don't want to understand me honey as she was crying Because I was the one who promised her I am going to celebrate her Birthday and she already Invited Her friends for Her birthday and promised them to take them out for shopping and she need a new laptop battery and her School Sitter want to take her to get her some new cloths and fix her nails and Hair.....

 Sarah God-Mom is not too well right now, she is currently at the hospital but she will be fine as I prayed to God this morning. Beth, my love...that if she don't do the same for them they will laugh at her baby she is feeling so bad right now please baby I really want you to help me send some money to Sarah our daughter I promise to pay you back as soon as possible I come back from the Sea I want to get this birthday done for Sarah not because of her friends but because I want to fulfill my promise I missed her birthday last year and two years ago without nothing to send her cause I was working then....this really caused alot of emotional wreck cause she was bad that I propose and miss her birthday so please Beth help me get this done. I was not suppose to ask from you but i need to do it cause i have no other option but to ask from the woman who say she is supportive when in a relationship. I am going to make it up when i come Brazil because then we have a plans to meet in person face to face real soon and I can't wait to kiss you. love you so much honey and please don't forget about the future dream I dream't and shared with you previously...hope to talk to you soon honey. I love you !

{350USD or what you think Beth you can get for her.}

I already told Sarah, Beth... new Mother will send her some money and please write to Sarah so you request her to send you the address, Okay?

Love Always



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  1. Mike Hudson - se diz guerrilheiro do Afeganistao tem uma pagina no facebook, quer uma carta por email enviada ao general para que ele possa sair..etc..uma historia sem fundamento nenhum.


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